When you meet the people you dislike, you may say it.

Living in the world full of the crowded people, we can’t let everyone love you. That is to say, there will be someone who dislike you or bring you some trouble on purpose. When you are in this bad situation, what should you do in order not to be bothered by those people who make you unhappy ?

Maybe, this quote can help you:

“The planet is fine. The people are fucked.” planet-fine-people-fucked(Some people, especially the ladies prefer to go shopping online, like going to http://www.fandomsky.com to release their annoyness.)


Way To Be!: 9 Rules For Living The Good Life


“Everybody wants friends. Everybody needs friends. No one wishes to be without them. But never lose sight of the fact that it is your friends who will lead you along the paths that you will follow. While you should be friendly with all people, select with great care those whom you wish to have close to you. They will be your safeguards in situations where you may vacillate between choices, and you in turn may save them. . . .

Be Grateful.
Be Smart.
Be Involved.
Be Clean.
Be True.
Be Positive.
Be Humble.
Be Still.
Be Prayerful.

There they are, nine Be’s which, if observed, will bring handsome dividends to any young man or woman. They will add sparkle to your days and peace to your nights. They will save you from heartache and pain. They will bring purpose into your life and give direction to your energies.

They will bring you friends of your own kind. They will protect you from associations that would pull you down and deflect you from your course.” prophethinckly
Gordon B. Hinckley, Way to Be!: 9 Rules For Living the Good Life

One Of The Coolest Frozen Cosplay Ever !

As is known to us all, Frozen cosplay is now quite popular among the cosplayers, especially for those who are the Frozen fans. Are you bored with so many ordinary Frozen cosplay shows, which are similar to each other ? Okay, today, I will show you another different style of Frozen cosplay show, which I firmly believe you will love it and have a great day ! Okay, here it is:


They are so cool, right ? Okay, my friends, if you want to know more about Frozen, you can simply check this address out:

Moviescostume.com/Frozen Cosplay


Fandom Humor-Fandomsky.com

Today, I have something interesting about fandom to share with you. I believe you will burst into laughter and can’t stop doing it. Haha. Here it is:

a2 a

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