Super Junior Reveal ‘This Is Love’ Was Inspired By Real Love From Their Fans


Fans will be extra thrilled to know that when Super Junior sings their latest track “This Is Love,” the idol group does not really think of the girls they might like or be dating. Instead, they think of their fans who give them unbridled affection and support.

For Super Junior, fan love is what they consider as “real love” and this makes them feel the track’s sentimental lyrics when performing, the group admitted in their recent SBSPopAsia TV Interview.

“We believe the love that we have received by fans is the real love and we sing about it,” said Eunhyuk.

He then went on to describe “This is Love” as a song with more tempo than a ballad song, and that their concept for the music video is to portray chic autumn men.

The male idol group further made fans blush when the interviewer asked what made the Super Junior fandom, officially known as ELFs, the best in the world.

“Firstly, our fans are pretty,” says Ryeowook. “And secondly, they love Super Junior.”

This is not to say that the Super Junior guys cannot feel romantic love – far from it, as a few of the members readily described their ideal girl types.

Donghae‘s perfect girl must be a great cook, has long hair and a face with pale skin.

Kangin said he has no particular ideal types, explaining that chemistry is more important than looks. “I think how I feel when we meet each other is more important.”

Leeteuk has had a change of heart in his ideal type. It used to be that the Super Junior leader had an exacting standard for his potential girlfriend – she had to be pretty, cute, sexy, witty and wise. But now, he says, his dream woman need only be “good-hearted.”

Super Junior fans come here: Have a nice day !


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