Conclusions On Taylor Swift’s Road To Success

Conclusions On Taylor Swift’s Road To Success

If you were going to select one reigning pop-cultural force from 2014, one that was both critically and commercially adored, one appreciated by tweens and grandparents alike, one that the bro-iest of bros and the most militant of the pumpkin-spice-latte brigade embraced with equal measure, it would have to beTaylor Swift. Swift owned 2014 in a manner not seen since perhaps Britney Spears in the early 2000s. We pored over every Instagram she posted; we (literally) mapped out her ever-expanding social circle; and, though it took some of us longer than others, we all eventually succumbed to the addictive qualities of her singles.

As this year comes to a close (fittingly, to be seen off by none other than Swift, as she is set to perform at Times Square on New Year’s Eve), let’s take a look back at her major moments from 2014.

1) J. Law photobomb at the Golden Globes (January). It seems like decades ago—this was pre-1989, pre-New York, pre-Karlie Kloss—but it was only 12 months ago that Swift was making headlines related to another supremely famous twentysomething, Jennifer Lawrence. At the Golden Globes, Swift’s “frenemy” (who, Swift noted on air, never came to any of her concerts, even after expressing her interest in doing so) photobombed the pop star during a red-carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest. We can only assume Swift, when reminded of the incident by acquaintances now, just rolls her eyes and offers a sly, “I mean, it’s sort of what you’d expect from her, right?”

2) “All Too Well” performance at the Grammys (January). Swift took a seat at the piano for her 2014 Grammys performance, belting out the fan-favorite deep cut from 2012’s Red and best song ever written about a scarf (a scarf purportedly belonging to Jake Gyllenhaal, no less) as she banged her head along to the music.

Watch the video here:

3) Surprising new hair cut (February). In retrospect, Swift’s decision to cut her hair (in front of a verifiable village of people was a harbinger of a major friendship maneuver to come, as Swift’s new look mimicked the long-bob stylepopularized by model Karlie Kloss. There will be much more on Kloss coming up, which you can prepare for this by wrapping yourself in decorative ribbons and sipping a vanilla chai tea.

4) West Coast road trip with Karlie Kloss (March). Oh, wait, we’re onto more Kloss right here, so hopefully you procured the ribbons and tea with extreme haste. While Swift began this year with an already quite full roster of besties—including Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham, and Lorde—Kloss quickly rose to the very top of the ranks. While they initially forged their bond at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, it was their 2014 California road trip—which spawnednumerous rustic, woodland Instagrams—that set the stage for a summer spent pre-gaming the Met Ball together (just normal best-friend stuff!), working out together, watching Knicks games from courtside seats, and sitting at award shows side by side.

5) Olivia Benson arrives (June). Swift’s obsession with cats is well documented and has long been catnip (sorry) for the Internet commenteratti. Swift already owned Meredith Grey, named after the Grey’s Anatomy protagonist, but she doubled her brood with the addition of Olivia Benson (named after Mariska Hargitay’s Law & Order: S.V.U. detective), a small white cat, who would soon slink her way into music videos and Instagram photo shoots alike. “Let’s see where things stand in a year, when, I don’t know, Rory Gilmore or Olivia Popecomes along,” Meredith no doubt texted Amanda Seyfried’s dog last month.


6) Fourth of July party with BFFs (July). As discussed previously, Swift haslots of friends, and, while we seem to barely have time to keep up with our three-to-seven close friends at any given point (none of whom, we’ll note, are famous and/or constantly jetting in and out of town), Swift does a frankly incredible job at maintaining, like, 20 close friendships with very famous, very busy women. Fourth of July represented the pinnacle of this yearlong Swift-centered sisterhood tour de force, as Emma Stone, Dunham, Jaime King, and more, converged at Swift’s Rhode Island house for some baking, boating, and requisite Instagramming.QQ截图20141225101609

Okay, if you want to know more about Taylor Swift, please visit this link:


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