Follow The Hobbit trilogy to visit New Zealand magnificent scenery (3)

Experience the dwarf barrel — Marburg Pelorus River


Pelorus River,located between northern part of South Island Blenheim and Nelson, is the viewfinder of the dwarf riding the cannikin to escape from “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug“. The reason why the director Peter Jackson choose this place as the film viewfinder is that you can find Boulder rugged coastline here, surrounded by the forest around as well as the beach, which can be used for Barrels landing.

Tips for the tourists:

Pelorus Eco Adventures Can let visitors ride double inflatable kayak to drift through the shooting place.


Follow The Hobbit trilogy to visit New Zealand magnificent scenery (2)

Hobbiton Nightscape And Food Trip


The Hobbiton film background, located in the north island Matamata has become one of the most attractive tourist resort in New Zealand. Enjoy the beautiful scenery or taste the delicious food in a new way to feel the Hobbiton when the night is coming. Under the light, Hobbit Holes and the other landmark buildings, such as Party Tree, Green Dragon Inn have become ambilight. You can see the dreamlike light show in many landmark view spots.

Suggestions for tourists:

Start off your Hobbiton nightscape and food trip in the light twilight to appreciate the shire county’s style and be acquaintant with the process of The Hobbit film sets. Eventuallly, you will arrive at the Green Dragon tavern, where you can have a cup of drinks from south region of Hobbit,  and then participate in the Hobbit type characteristics banquet. After meal, set foot on the dotted with authentic hobbit lantern winding trail.

Follow The Hobbit trilogy to visit New Zealand magnificent scenery (1)


During the past decades, the “Middle Earth World” in New Zealand has win the people’s heart by the films “The Lord Of The Rings”and “The Hobbit”trilogy. With The Hobbit finale “The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies”showing in China, more and more fantasy and beautiful “Middle Earth”scenery appeared in front of the fans.

Esgaroth – Pukaki Lake


Pukaki lake, located in the south island Mt Cook is the prototype of Esgaroth from “The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies”. When you are taking a view plane flying above the Pukaki lake, you will feel as if you are in the movie. The glittering Pukaki lake is like a blue gemstone inlaid in the beautiful mountains of south island.  You can find almost all the iconic beautiful scenery. Such as the magnificent mountains, the golden meadow, glaciers feed mountain lakes,and boundless sky. Peter Jackson imitated Pukaki Lake and designed the Esgaroth in the movie “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug”, while he used the real pukaki lake as the movie scenery in the Hobbit finale “The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies”.

In the late Autumn season, Awlaki Mt Cook Natonal Park launched a charming picture. The golden leaves sway on the branches, which was contrasted with green Pukaki lake and the snowy south Alps mountain.

10 Frozen Theme Tourist Attractions You Can’t Miss (9-10)

9. The Well-known Frozen Theme Song – “Let It Go

In the first half year of 2014, the unique karaoke version created by Disney company appealed 1000 USA cinemas. The snowflakes bounced on the screen followed the lyrics progress, which becomes the major feature of this version.  In the UK, Singalonga company will take the lyrics on the screen, to help the audience sing with Anna and Elsa together. The performance in London will be presented in Charles Prince cinema.

10. Ice Snow Hotel

The film production members will head to Quebec of Canada to experience Hotel de Glace. Here is the source of Anna and Elsa palace production inspiration. There are dozens of hotel like this all over the world. The Sorrisniva Igloo hotel located in Norway Alta will be reconstructed into a different theme every year, while “Aurora Borealis and life” is the theme of the 2014/2015 season.

10 Frozen Theme Tourist Attractions You Can’t Miss (7-8)

7. SnowSweden

Kristoff is a Sami people who comes from Sampi Arctic. UTTI S mi Siida, a Samiecotourism companies provides visitors with Sami life experience. The company is located in the north of Sweden Jo Cass Iyer Vee village. Tourists can experience Sami lifestyle from December to April of next year, driving reindeer and falling in sleep in the small comfortable tents.

8. Build-A-Bear

Build-A-Bear has already joined with Disney to create the “Snow Bear” and “Snow Man” together. There are almost 400 factories working for them. Here, Children can make their own Anna, Elsa, Snowman and put on wigs, party costume, cloaks for them.

10 Frozen Theme Tourist Attractions You Can’t Miss (5-6)

5. The Ice Festival

Disney ice snow series investigations show that Mickey, Minnie such like Disney Princess roles are very popular in Britain, Canada and America. This year, Frozen show has joined ice travel holiday lineup. The crstal stage effect ice presented will be incomparable !

6. Ice Snow Norway

Norway is a snow town. It’s here that the art director  Michael Giaimo discovered his inspiration of color, light and atmosphere. Norway has obtained the viewfinder ownership of Frozen. The northern Norway is the best viewfinder for Arendell kingdom. There are Hairer Glen snow mountain, Lofoten and Alps peaks, as well as the comfortable ice hotel, Sami and Trolls.

Of course, there is also a Disney Park. What will impress you most is that  Disney adventure world provides a special trip from Bergen to Geirangerfjord, where you can join Norway folk dance, take part in ice fishing activities and visit the Urnes stavkyrkje.

10 Frozen Theme Tourist Attractions You Can’t Miss (3-4)

3. Disney Park– France, Paris

From now until January 7, 2015, Anna and Elsa will enter the Princess Museum of Dream World. The Disney magical performance Christmas special version will be shown to us at night. What excites you most is that snow baby will step out of “Frozen” and show his magic to us. All of these will present you a world full of prophecy, fountain,effects and fireworks.

4. Large Shopping Mall

This year, the shopping centers around USA seem to convert being enthusiastic about Santa into the animation images in Frozen. Farms in Western Paradise and Disney will join hands to bring the animation attractions to Connecticut. Snowflakes are falling constantly from an ice palace up to 30 feet (about 9.1 meters), also with light exhibitions and family activities. Parents and their children can left their fingerprints on the ice and take photos with hairy snow baby on the frozen throne. How cool it is !

10 Frozen Theme Tourist Attractions You Can’t Miss (1-2)

  1. Walt Disney world–America, Florida, Orlando

The well known around the world Elsa and Anna is gradually taking over Noray Museum of “Disney Future World”. Norway Museum will open a new museum in 2016. Tourists will travel to Aredella (A Kindom from Frozen) by vehicle. Along the journey, some popular Frozen songs will be played for the tourists. What excits the tourists most is that Elsa and Anna will welcome and greet the coming tourists in the New Place of Future World.

In the magical Kingdom Park, the animation images will take on to the tourists for celebrating the special festival, such as Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff who will perform vivid anime scene for us.

2. Disney Park Resort– USA, California, Anaheim

Thanks to the sunshine of California, California park becomes one of the world’s most “snow” places. Anna and Elsa sisterhood will deduct the “kind greetings” scene in the California Adventure Park. In the animation school, the animators will teach the audience how to build a snowman. Frozen ice karaoke version will be played in the Crown Pearl theatre for celebration. Snow baby Olaf  will appear in the 17th act and you will get his warm hug. Aredell Kingdom entertainment scene will become a reality: Ice snow, food, drinks and everything you need are all here. Hollywood will host the snow night family dance party, here you can enjoy the fun and interactive music feast and ice house, and there is more fun for you to experience!