Transformers Bumblebee Cosplay Street Performance Show

Hi ! My dear friends, how is everything going right now ? No matter how you are feeling, this article will make you happy at once !

Best Transformers Cosplayer Ever Turns From A Robot Into A Rolling Car

Here’s a street performer who really commits to his role as a Transformer. He delights children by going from Bumblebee’s robot form into a car that rolls around the sidewalk.

Check out this link:

Granted, this is a new car form for Bumblebee, and the performer doesn’t use any acts of contortion to “transform,” but it still brings a smile to the faces of the curious children who flock to him. And we’re all smiles, too.

The Detroit Free Press has an interview with the performer, Joslyn Paige, who explains that he made the costume over the course of five weeks for $700-800.

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