Eminem, D12 Reunion ‘Can Definitely Happen,’ According to Kuniva

It has now been more than a decade since the most recent D12 album, but fans of theEminem-led group got good news this weekend when member Kuniva wrote that a recent collaboration for the Shady XV compilation might spark a full record.


“That was the first time we had recorded together in a long time,” he wrote on SOHH. “It was like the first time, without Marshall, we had recorded something in like six or seven years.

“The chemistry was right there again. We never lost a step. I think a D12 reunion can definitely happen.”

Early in 2014, the Detroit Free Press published a profile about producer Mark Bass‘s (“Without Me,” “Lose Yourself“) upcoming projects. He told them he was busy mixing new tracks from D12, three of which featured Eminem.

Perhaps those tracks had something to do with Shady XV, but only one fresh cut made its way to the release.

Now, Kuniva thinks the Dirty Dozen will make 2015 a special year.

“I think a D12 reunion can definitely happen,” he said. “No one over here hates each other. We definitely love one another. It’s just that with people, you want to go off and do your own thing. We all went out and did our own thing.

“You might have to look out in 2015 to see if something goes down. We’re all talking about it and so people are starting to get that itch again.”

The group’s lengthy hiatus is directly related to the death of founding member Proof in 2006. The loss sent Eminem into a downward spiral that led to depression, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Now, after getting back to his platinum ways, Em could decide to lead his old mates back to glory.

“We’re seeing the magic that we had and it’s always been there,” Kuniva said. “Even though we were missing Proof, we still went in and worked together.”

Check out their mid-2000s hit “My Band” below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYjiIsENvcc

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