The sacrifice of commercial basketball of Lebron James

Believe it or not, Lebron James would be the most commercial NBA basketball player along the history. From “determine” to “back home”, from every represent to setting up a firm, you can understand his business intention from the commercial perspective.

aLeBron-Heat-McLemore-Dunk images

For instance, the essence of “determine” is to find better team partners to become the champion to make much more money so that he can donate more money to the boys and girls charity. However, it’s almost not possible that it won’t cause any rumors in this selfish era.

It is just this commercial groot lying in the heart of Lebron James that makes him so distracted from his focusing on his basketball carrer. As a result, 5 continious loses given to Cavaliers made his leading status turn out to be a doubt.

Anyway, we are hoping that Lebron James could step out from his commercial circle and concentrate on his basketball playing career eventually.

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