10 Frozen Theme Tourist Attractions You Can’t Miss (1-2)

  1. Walt Disney world–America, Florida, Orlando

The well known around the world Elsa and Anna is gradually taking over Noray Museum of “Disney Future World”. Norway Museum will open a new museum in 2016. Tourists will travel to Aredella (A Kindom from Frozen) by vehicle. Along the journey, some popular Frozen songs will be played for the tourists. What excits the tourists most is that Elsa and Anna will welcome and greet the coming tourists in the New Place of Future World.

In the magical Kingdom Park, the animation images will take on to the tourists for celebrating the special festival, such as Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff who will perform vivid anime scene for us.

2. Disney Park Resort– USA, California, Anaheim

Thanks to the sunshine of California, California park becomes one of the world’s most “snow” places. Anna and Elsa sisterhood will deduct the “kind greetings” scene in the California Adventure Park. In the animation school, the animators will teach the audience how to build a snowman. Frozen ice karaoke version will be played in the Crown Pearl theatre for celebration. Snow baby Olaf  will appear in the 17th act and you will get his warm hug. Aredell Kingdom entertainment scene will become a reality: Ice snow, food, drinks and everything you need are all here. Hollywood will host the snow night family dance party, here you can enjoy the fun and interactive music feast and ice house, and there is more fun for you to experience!


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