Follow The Hobbit trilogy to visit New Zealand magnificent scenery (2)

Hobbiton Nightscape And Food Trip


The Hobbiton film background, located in the north island Matamata has become one of the most attractive tourist resort in New Zealand. Enjoy the beautiful scenery or taste the delicious food in a new way to feel the Hobbiton when the night is coming. Under the light, Hobbit Holes and the other landmark buildings, such as Party Tree, Green Dragon Inn have become ambilight. You can see the dreamlike light show in many landmark view spots.

Suggestions for tourists:

Start off your Hobbiton nightscape and food trip in the light twilight to appreciate the shire county’s style and be acquaintant with the process of The Hobbit film sets. Eventuallly, you will arrive at the Green Dragon tavern, where you can have a cup of drinks from south region of Hobbit,  and then participate in the Hobbit type characteristics banquet. After meal, set foot on the dotted with authentic hobbit lantern winding trail.


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