Some Frozen Themed Wedding Gifts that you may just can’t miss

If you are going to have your own wedding in winter, what wedding gifts do you want most ? A snowman olaf dollElsa and Anna doll, a let it go ring, a snowflake bracelet, an Ice sculpture chair or a lot of cute cookies ?

Here are some frozen themed wedding gifts that you will mostly love most:

1. Snowman doll

Frozen Olaf snowman doll

2. Elsa and Anna dolls

Frozen Elsa Anna dolls

3. Let it go ring

Frozen  let it go ring

4.  a snowflake bracelet

Frozen Elsa Anna  Bracelet

5. Ice sculpture chair


6. cute cookies


Okay, no matter what gifts you love, I hope you could have a happy and impressive wedding of your life. All the best wishes to you !


Stephen Curry Was Invited To Meet With Obama In The White House

Recently, Stephen Curry was invited to participate in the UN activity aiming at fighting against Malaria, meanwhile, he was also invited to meet with the president Obama with great honor in the White House.

Here are some photos:





Okay, Curry is a cute and warm guy just like Curry hoodie, right ?

Captain America, Black Widow and Hulk Humor

Hi, ladies and gentlemen, I feel very excited to talk with you here. We all know that Black Widow has very charming and attractive appearance and figure. Now, imagine what will happen if Steve Rogers and the Hulk are competing for the love of Black Widow.

Okay, no matter what are you thinking right now, the following one manga will make you a great day !


Let’s Join Hands With EXO To Spend 2015 Valentine’s Day

Hi, ladies and gentlemen, it’s going to be that time of the year once again. This year, how do you spend your valentine’s day with your girlfriend or boyfriend ? What special gifts are you going to give to him or her on the valentine’s day ? A gift, I think, must be a bridge that is able to convey your sincere love for her or him.

If your girlfriend is an EXO fangirl, why not give her a pink mcm backpack ? The color is romantic and cute, just right for her, right ? Imagine you take your pink mcm backpack out from case all of a sudden when you are at the beginning of the candle dinner. What a great surprise it is for her ! You and your girlfriend will never forget the night full of romance ! She will love you much much more than ever before, right ?

If you have not enough money for the expensive mcm backpack, don’t be upset, I have a good idea for you. Just head to fandomsky online store and there are a lot of cheap but cute mcm backpacks waiting for you !

EXO XOXO MCM Valentine's day

Best Love Movies For Valentine’s Day 2015

1. Romeo and Juliet (Tragedy but beautiful)


Story plot: One day, the beautiful Juliet and the handsome Romeo went to the same party and they fell in love with each other at the first sight. After the party, Romeo slip into the backyard of Juliet’family. However, these two families are often in conflict with each other. Therfore, they completed their marriage ceremony by the priest primately.

2. Roman Holiday


Recommend Reason: Abandon the fame and pursue true love !

3. Titanic


Recommend Reason: Romantic Love Story Between Jack and Rose

Stephen Curry Loves Klay Thompson’s “I Can Manage To Hit 3 Scores For 25 Times”

Recently, NBA has released the name list of the basketball players who will compete for the 3-score-champion. There are two Golden State Warriors players who are luckily selected to participate in the match. They are Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

When it comes to the upcoming 3-score competition, Thompson said, “ I can manage to hit 3-score for 25 times.”Stephen Curry, as a teammate of Thompson, said that he loves such a great confidence.

Will Thompson turn his word into the reality in the match ? Let’s just wait and see.

Here is the video of Curry and Thompson 3-score training: