Transformers 5 Is Likely To Be Shoot By Michael Bay

Transformers 5 is expected to be released by the year of 2016 or 2017, according to the official news. After Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, Paramount has not released any official news about Transformers 5/6 till now. However, the voice of Optimus Prime “Peter Cullen”clearly said that there will definitely be two sequels.

As regard to the director of Transformers 5, there is not any certain official news till now because the former director “Michael Bay”has turned to other films. Don’t worry, that he will director the Transformers 5 is also of great possibilities.

Thor 3 Will Follow Avengers 2 End Closely

Thor 3 Will Follow Avengers 2 End Closely

Loki will come back to witness the dusk of the Gods.

The Scarlet Witch will use her power to show what happened to Asgard. Which will make Thor eager to save his hometown. While what role will loki play is unknown to us till now. However, in the end of Thor 2, Loki disgusted as Odin, so, we can speculate Loki will play a catalyst role in the story. Loki has always been a very important role in Marvel series movies, although he is not a leading character. The CEO also indicated that Loki will appear in the two sections of Avengers 3 due to the unlimited gem in his wand.

In a word, the main plots of Thor 3 are supposed to focus Asgard collapse or even the death of Thor and Loki.

How to wear your knit sweater properly

A knit sweater is really an universal single product because, you know, it can almost match all of our daily used outfits, such as t-shirt, one-piece, blazers, coats, etc. It can be said that it can be used as a single product for your daily life use.

However, if you are not good at matching up with your other costumes, it is likely that you will seem to look like a bit old. In case the bad things happen to you, Garcia will teach you how to wear your knit sweater properly so that you will look more fashion and IN modeling.