League of Legends 4 New Styles Skins Will Be Released On April Fool’s Day !

League of legends fans, attention, please. In the near future, the death god of desert SirhcEz, the beast Spirit Walker Udil, star child Soraca and the tider caller Namei are going to dress up to debut !

Let’s have a look and enjoy them now:

1. Soraca and Namei compete for the right of naming “Journey” planet with Chinese.

官方撰文:新皮肤发布 愚人节即将到来

官方撰文:新皮肤发布 愚人节即将到来

官方撰文:新皮肤发布 愚人节即将到来

2. Single noble – death god of desert SirhcEz

This outfit is just suitable for my identity and accords with my test, too. I who regard protecting the world as my responsibility should dress like an elegant gentleman and behave like a ” not anthropophagi firework patron saint”. If these mortals spare no effort to invite me to this costume party, I just won’t come ! Wait! This sweet smell taste like from the bones – – ah, really incense!

官方撰文:新皮肤发布 愚人节即将到来

官方撰文:新皮肤发布 愚人节即将到来

3. Beast Spirit Walker Udil

Alas ! If handsome is a kind of crime, I would be full of the most heinous guilty ! @_@

Who makes it that I was born with Meng Meng Da ! ~_~

官方撰文:新皮肤发布 愚人节即将到来

官方撰文:新皮肤发布 愚人节即将到来

Okay, if you are a fan of League of Legends game, you can go to fandomsky to have a look. Have a nice day !


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