2015 Star Wars Celebration-Star Wars fans Carnival !

During the Star Wars celebration event, there are a lot of Star Wars fans crying to express their exciting feelings about their loyal love for Star Wars movie. There are many fans cosplaying as their favorite stars to show their passion for their favorite scientific fiction movie.

Now, let’s just calm down and go to the scene to take a look.

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Robert Tony, Chris Hemsworth and more Hollywood Stars Attend The Avengers 2:Age of Ultron Premiere !

Good news ! The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is going to be on the screen on 1st, May. We have been waiting this Marvel movie for so long and it is getting more and more close to us ! Let’s just calm down and count down.

Before we can see the movie, let’s have a look at the cool and beautiful leading roles in Avengers 2 now.

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Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss good bestie Vogue magazine photos released !

Recently, some rare and precious photos of Taylor and her bestie Karlie Kloss were released to public. From attending Victoria’s Secret 2014 to their debut on the Vogue magazine, we witnessed the collision between Pop music huge star and Super model.

Let’s just enjoy the photos together right now. Here you are:

QQ截图20150414104223 QQ截图20150414104207 QQ截图20150414104140 QQ截图20150414104107 QQ截图20150414104042 QQ截图20150414104025 QQ截图20150414104013  Okay, if you want to know more about Taylor, you can go to fandomsky to have a look. Thank you ! Have a nice day !

James Harden: “I Think I Am The MVP !”

The competition for the MVP of this season seems to be quite fierce right now. Not long ago, Stephen Curry expressed his protest emotion on the statement of the former coach Mark Jackson that he didn’t vote Curry as the MVP. Recently, Lebron James also said that he should be the MVP bluntly. However, Rockets back guard James Harden issued a declaration of MVP in the interview, too.


As we all know, James Harden leads his team to get a lot of surprising performance. That’s really not easy for him. Let’s applause for him !

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Messi inverse arc broke! 10 men Opponents stared.

In the football match against Unión Deportiva Almería, Barcelona broke the deadlock in the 33rd minute. After Bartra passed the ball, Messi rip into the far corner 20 yards away from the right side of the restrict area with a curving ball. This is the 44th goal for him in the current season. In the league matches,  the Argentine has scored 33 goals.


This shot couldn’t be more wonderful. After Messi passing an opponent, he kicked the decisive ball in the restrict area facing so many defenders. What made his opponents astonished was that Messi finally made it in such a difficult circumstance. All the people absent witnessed this excellent scene. How ridiculous it is ! How great Messi looks !


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Joe Johnson Votes Stephen Curry As The MVP Of The NBA This Season !

The regular match is going to the end and the debate for a doubt “Who will be the champion of this season ?” is becoming more and more fierce at the moment. There are many different opinions on this topic, while, Joe Johnson has expressed his own view that Stephen Curry will be the NBA champion of this season.

魔术师:库里因2大特质应拿MVP 哈登最接近排第二

“About the MVP prize owner, I will choose Stephen Curry.” Joe Johnson said on his twitter. Then, he explained why he choose him. “Curry leads his team to get the best performance of the league and his teammates played better with Curry’s great direction.”

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Former Warriors Coach Mark Jackson Strongly Support James Harden ! It’s not easy to lead Rockets for him !

With the NBA match of this season coming to the current stage, the competition for MVP of the regular season is becoming more and more intense. The former Golden State Warriors coach and the current ESPN commentator Mark Jackson expressed his own point of view in a recent interview. “The NBA MVP of this season will be James Harden, rather than Stephen Curry.” 



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April Fools’ Day “international dignitaries lie under gun” innocently. Bush was arrested and Merkel was pregnant !

Hi! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again ! Is everything going right with you on this “extraordinary” day ? Did you suffer some unexpected pranks from your relatives and good friends ? Were you scared to death or depressed by the so called “surprises” ? No matter what happened, they are all just jokes, right ? Today is bound to leave you a deep impression and unforgettable experience !

When the April Fools’ Day comes, things will change and become abnormal, which just makes you have no idea what to do, sometimes, you even feel that you are just at a loss, right ? Don’t worry. Just calm down and have a look at the following funny pranks:

1. On April, 1, 1995, British “The Independent” reported that a 65 years old farmer Welsh is the queen Elizabeth II’s grandfather George V’s illegitimate child. That is to say, he has the right to inherit the British throne. The report entitled with “The Queen’s Throne Is In Threat” described the pedigree of the farmer in an orderly manner. It is also mentioned that this legal successor has already Filed a lawsuit to the local court, requiring to recapture the right of his being successor.

Afterwards, people got the idea that it’s just an April Fools’ Day joker !


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American Batman fans couples hold their wedding. Relatives play cosplay to celebrate !

Hi! ladies and gentlemen, how is everything going with you now ? If you are given a chance, would you love to dress up as your favorite movie stars in your wedding ? You might want to say that’s just crazy ! Yeah, the following two guys did this !

Batman fans Allie and Ryan held their wedding in Texas Fort Worth. In the wedding, these two guys dressed up as the Harley Quinn and Joker from Batman. To support these two couples, the wedding guests also dressed up as other roles in Batman and other movies. In addition, one of the couples’ good friends cosplay as the Batman to hold their wedding ceremony.

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