American Batman fans couples hold their wedding. Relatives play cosplay to celebrate !

Hi! ladies and gentlemen, how is everything going with you now ? If you are given a chance, would you love to dress up as your favorite movie stars in your wedding ? You might want to say that’s just crazy ! Yeah, the following two guys did this !

Batman fans Allie and Ryan held their wedding in Texas Fort Worth. In the wedding, these two guys dressed up as the Harley Quinn and Joker from Batman. To support these two couples, the wedding guests also dressed up as other roles in Batman and other movies. In addition, one of the couples’ good friends cosplay as the Batman to hold their wedding ceremony.

Okay, my dear friends, if you want to cosplay as your favorite movie stars, such as Harley Quinn, Batman, X-men, etc, you can go to moviescostume to have a look. If you are looking for your favorite movie backpacks, hoodies and more for your daily use, you can go to fandomsky to have a look. Thank you ! Have a nice day !


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