April Fools’ Day “international dignitaries lie under gun” innocently. Bush was arrested and Merkel was pregnant !

Hi! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again ! Is everything going right with you on this “extraordinary” day ? Did you suffer some unexpected pranks from your relatives and good friends ? Were you scared to death or depressed by the so called “surprises” ? No matter what happened, they are all just jokes, right ? Today is bound to leave you a deep impression and unforgettable experience !

When the April Fools’ Day comes, things will change and become abnormal, which just makes you have no idea what to do, sometimes, you even feel that you are just at a loss, right ? Don’t worry. Just calm down and have a look at the following funny pranks:

1. On April, 1, 1995, British “The Independent” reported that a 65 years old farmer Welsh is the queen Elizabeth II’s grandfather George V’s illegitimate child. That is to say, he has the right to inherit the British throne. The report entitled with “The Queen’s Throne Is In Threat” described the pedigree of the farmer in an orderly manner. It is also mentioned that this legal successor has already Filed a lawsuit to the local court, requiring to recapture the right of his being successor.

Afterwards, people got the idea that it’s just an April Fools’ Day joker !


It is said that all the items are 50% OFF in fandomsky and it’s not the prank. Congratulations ! We’ve got profit !


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